The field of Holistics is ever changing, creative and flowing. I have spent decades training in various modalities of bodywork, energy work and spiritual healing. I am particularly interested in Far Eastern techniques based on Ayurvedic and the 5 Element theories.Most of my clients just ask for an ‘Ondray’ rather than a specific treatment as generally, a session is very flexible.
I am passionate about gongs. For me, they are the most powerful, spiritual transformation tool and I am blessed to have them in my life. I have been playing for many years and working with them for my own personal journey. In 2013, I graduated as a Gong Practitioner with The College of Sound Healing (of which I am a member).
I have carried out sessional work for numerous organisations including the NHS, various drug/alcohol services and Greater Manchester Probation Service.
I hold regular group gong baths throughout Lancashire and am available for both individual and group sessions.
(((Gong))) love and cosmic vibrations,
Ondray X